About Me :-)

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Hi, I’m Benjamin

I believe that each of us have a story to tell, that is inspiring timeless, and memorable. We will sit down and listen to your ideas and vision to assist in bringing it to life with our creative prowess's.  We will take your ideas and blend them with our professional knowledge on how to create portrait that is  art to which your family will cherish and friends will marvel at for many years to come. You deserve to work with an Award Winning Photographer whom understands the importance of capturing world-class pictures that tells “your” story. I’ve photographed people from all walks of life, from around the country, so don't hesitate to share with me your vision so may integrate the concept in your images. The most beautiful thing to witness is watching my clients come to life on a photo-shoot, so have no fear about posing, expression, or how you look, because with my guidance be assured we will capture epic pictures together. Taking a picture is a small moment in time, but allows the essence of who you are through imagery to be enjoyed everyday through the art of photography.

My motivation is rooted in my goal to create and provide you with extraordinary pictures that are unique to your personality and character.   Meet my awesome family below whom also provides me with daily inspiration.  My Lovely wife, “Alicia”, my beautiful daughter “Angelique”, and my sleepy son “Liam”.   They are the apples of my eyes!!!

family pic

My Village People....

Let us create a portrait that is, unique, inspiring, and world-class for you.